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ABOUT byHélo

ByHelo Jewels makes considered pieces that are beautifully simple with minimalist lines and bold shapes. Local designer and maker Heloise Fitzpatrick lets her background in architecture and art inform each piece and the result is design driven and directional.

"We pride ourselves in designing and producing sustainable Jewellery in designing lifetime pieces that will age and evolve with you.

Our STUDIO MADE range is handcrafted here in my home studio in Sterling Silver & Bronze & paired with some premium quality Italian chains.

Our LATEST range is made of Sterling Silver and plated in white Rhodium or 18ct yellow gold. The gold plating is 1 micron thick which means it will age beautifully; the gold will slowly buff away in the most exposed areas where the silver underneath will slowly show and tarnish slightly to give it a more vintage look, which I love..!

We evolve, our tastes and moods change & so should the pieces we invest in. Every piece in our PLAY range is designed to give you the opportunity to wear the pieces in many different ways. Buy less pieces that do more!

Think: stacking rings, stud earrings, with interchangeable hoops & leather attachments, necklaces and bangles with interchangeable layers, attachments & charms & mix them up to extend your wardrobe.

Enjoy, Helo xx"