Flying Solo Prices - 40% off EVERYTHING - *conditions applies

Flying Solo SALE - Explained

It's no shock news; the rise of online shopping and the push towards social distancing has been tough on some brick and mortar retail shops. 

We have recently said goodbye to two fabulous fashion boutiques here in Perth, the ILKA Family Store have closed their doors in January and The VARGA GIRLS a few weeks later. As you may know, they were our two and only now we're flying solo, online only, for a while.

We're sad to see our great stockists go, they are our connection to the real world, where you can see and touch (not so much now) the pieces instead of looking at photos behind a screen...Let's not despair, not having stockists also has it's perks; stockists need to pay their gorgeous staff, their rent, the bills, their online stores (they now need to have as well), their marketing, their fit-out, packaging, styling.... and more and more... which means that having stock in these great shops comes with a price; this price is factored in our retail price.

Now, we're flying solo, which means we can have this awesome sale without going under..! :)

Flying Solo SALE - 40% OFF everything* - *EXCEPT FOR MADE TO ORDER ITEMS - applied automatically at checkout.

Happy shopping, Helo xx